digital signage in pharmacy
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What you Can Promote on your Pharmacy Screens

digital signage in pharmacy

The fact that digital signage may be used in so many different contexts makes it a potent tool. To satisfy the specific needs of their clients, businesses in practically every sector including pharmacies have implemented this innovation in their brick-and-mortar stores. Keep reading to find out the benefits of digital signage in pharmacy and how Healthpoint TV can help you promote services and more!

What are the advantages of digital signage in pharmacy?

Don’t undervalue the advantages that digital signage can provide for your pharmacy. The physical and digital worlds are intertwined through digital signage, which transforms your brick-and-mortar facility into an extension of the familiar digital environment.

Digital signage has countless advantages and uses within your space. You can explore the use of digital signage to inform, entertain, instruct, and reach out to customers in your pharmacy with the help of a digital pharmacy screen. Consumers can be informed by signage of new releases, promotions, and product details. It can also be a form of entertainment with videos.

Thus, the advantages of digital signage are almost too many to list. But for the large majority of pharmacies, the next 7 are the most important.

digital signage in pharmacy

1. Patients can freely help themselves

Customers who are actively engaged are more likely to buy something. This is why it’s crucial for physical pharmacy stores to have a strategy in place for giving customers the information they require to feel confident making a purchase.

You know how it affects a pharmacy’s prospects if you’ve ever had to wait about in a store for a staff member to ask if you need help. You might proceed with a purchase, but it’s often unlikely that you’ll come back.

2. You can change displays instantly across several locations

With digital signage, it is possible to update several storefront displays simultaneously from a remote location. When a pharmacy wants to promote a new item or an impending sale, they can design a brand-new advertisement and be sure that it will appear exactly as they intend across all of their sites at once.

It’s crucial that the in-store service advertising at one location be identical to that provided at other locations for branding reasons.

We can help you create advertising tailored to your brand voice. Learn why our digital pharmacy screens are right for you in our previous blog post here:


digital signage in pharmacy

3. Another benefit of digital signage in pharmacy is that displays can be automated

Pharmacies don’t have to trigger changes on their digital screens manually.

One advantage of digital screens is that you may program your displays to alter throughout the day by using rule-based software. With conventional signage, this is either impossible or exceedingly inconvenient.

4. Digital signage in pharmacy attracts more attention

The advantages of digital signage extend beyond the in-store experience as well. Digital screens can also be used to draw customers who might not have otherwise entered a physical store. Conventional signs, product placement, mannequins, and other display types can all draw attention, but digital signage has the advantage of being able to use motion.

5. Higher recall and retention rates

Many in-store advertisements only seek to compel viewers to act right away by placing an order, making a purchase, or adhering to some other form of a directive. Other times, though, the objective is to inform customers about impending occasions, such as specials, promotions, in-store visits, etc. One advantage of digital signage is that it produces stronger recall than static ads when the display uses video.

digital signage in pharmacy

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6. Digital signage in pharmacy can reduce perceived wait times

Nobody enjoys standing in line.

Long line-ups are enough for many customers to exit a store. Maybe they’ll come back later. Maybe they’ll just purchase from a competitor. This is the reason why businesses provide several points of sale. Many also provide self-checkout; anything to prevent customers from leaving because of excessive line-ups. Pharmacies or any other business cannot avoid this. Eventually, there will be long line-ups, and customers will just have to wait.

In other words, when there is something to distract them from the wait, individuals find it much simpler to wait in line.


So, what can I promote on my Healthpoint TV Screen?

When it comes to digital signage, the world is your oyster. Here are some of the ways our customers take advantage of this invaluable marketing tool:

  • Key services – make your displays relevant and seasonal
  • Over-the-counter products – advertise overstock, as well as focusing on seasonal items
  • Community messages – think breastfeeding groups, dementia support etc
  • How about supporting other local businesses – you could even monetise this. For example, we have been approached by local travel agents (for cross promo of travel vaccines) in the past

What’s more, there’s no extra charge for additional edits, adverts or assets with us. Everything is included and unlimited, with all changes made the same working day. So why wait?

Get in touch with Healthpoint TV to start advertising your services, your way!


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