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How to Increase Your Pharmacy’s Footfall in 2022

increase pharmacy footfall

Today’s pharmaceutical industry is crowded and highly competitive, requiring pharmacies to up their game in order to stand out from the rest. We have compiled the 7 best ways you can increase your pharmacy footfall easily. Keep reading to find out what they are!

How to increase your pharmacy’s footfall in the modern world

In the current world, something or someone is always seeking our attention constantly during the day. It leaves one wondering what to do in order to capture the attention of customers amidst the competition. One great opportunity for any pharmacist to showcase their uniqueness to society is their shopfront. It should contain a short and clear message explaining the products and services that the pharmacy is presenting to the community. Your business will face low customer turnout if the message showcased in your pharmacy through the shopfront isn’t clear enough. Get a digital pharmacy screen from us today and send out your messages in a clear and precise way.

Don’t just focus on prescriptions

Prescriptions are the main reason for people coming into your pharmacy (they’re also generally your main source of revenue). To increase your pharmacy’s revenue potential, try using the non-prescription sales to your advantage starting from today.

There’s been a decline in prescription profit margins in recent years. On the other hand, consistent and strong profit margins have been witnessed when it comes to front-end or over-the-counter products. The profits that over-the-counter sales bring to the table cannot be overlooked, even as prescriptions make up a good chunk of your revenue.

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Increase Pharmacy Revenue

If you are wondering how you’ll increase your non-prescription sales and ultimately maximise your pharmacy’s revenue, don’t worry! Below are some easy-to-apply strategies you can work with.

1. Do Your Market Research to Increase your Pharmacy Footfall

Just because you see the value of a product, doesn’t mean everyone will. Your intuition alone will not be enough to figure out the best moves to grow your non-prescription purchases. Do your research and use data to know which retail and over-the-counter products are trending.

2. Use Your Pharmacy’s Floor Plan to Your Advantage

An effective pharmacy layout should be able to display products that you need people to see and purchase. Some sections of your premises probably get more foot traffic compared to others. Try rotating products in and out of these sections to find out which products get more sales when displayed in highly visible places. Move products around different floor sections and you might notice the power that a little reorganisation has on your customers’ decision to purchase.

3. Train Your Pharmacy Team to Cross-Sell and Upsell

An example of this is as follows: a good number of medicines dispensed can lead to drug-induced nutritional deficiencies. A large number of customers that enter your premises are already purchasing nutritional supplements.

With this in mind, you should ask yourself:

• Are they getting supplements from your business?
• Are they getting quality supplements that are good for their health?

Upselling nutritional supplements is a good strategy for your business. Customers who purchase supplements from elsewhere rarely consult with a pharmacist when buying, and are many a time taking the wrong nutrients that their body doesn’t require.

4. Build Strong Customer Relationships to Increase Your Pharmacy Footfall

Customer service is well recognised as the most vital competitive move. A pharmacy that builds good and trusted relationships with customers is more likely to encourage return customers, compared to stores that don’t personally connect with visitors. Your staff should be able to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort and engage with customers to establish personal relationships where possible. Simple things like recognising return customers, greeting them by their names, or enquiring about their loved ones or work, can do wonders.

5. Stock Related Products Closely

Understanding how your products relate to each other in terms of sales can help improve your pharmacy’s retail sales. For example, customers who are looking for a knee brace may also require joint cream, or people with a cold might need a box of tissues. Display related products next to each other in order for customers to easily find them.

Increase pharmacy footfall

6. Be Your Own Secret Shopper

Pretend you don’t know anything concerning your pharmacy and visit as though you are a customer. Walk around and ask yourself if things look appealing to the eye. Would you enjoy your experience at the pharmacy? If the answer is no, it may be time to apply certain changes.

Every pharmacy would love to attract customers to their premises, thereby helping visitors to easily locate the products they require; offering their customers enjoyable shopping experiences while motivating them to make planned or unplanned purchases. You can achieve this through establishing effective communication channels with the market, constantly passing on the good values of purchasing in your store.

7. Use our digital advertising to increase your pharmacy footfall

Ultimately, using our digital advertising is among the best ways to increase your pharmacy’s footfall in 2022. Our digital screens enable you to push the services you offer effectively. Healthpoint TV offers top-notch digital pharmacy screens!

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