Technical Support

Are you experiencing the following issues? Please follow these easy steps to rectify…

For further technical support please contact:
07741 288520


Blank, black or white screen

Procedure to rectify:
• Check the screen is switched on plugged in at the mains
• Check all cables in place and plugged into screen (you may need to follow the wiring)
• Reboot screen by using the remote control supplied on installation


Assets not playing in the correct orientation, ie squashed or elongated.

Procedure to rectify:
• Take the remote control and turn off screen, after 10 seconds switch back on using
remote control.


To restart the media player

Please note some sites have a separate media player.
• Check this is plugged in and switched on.
• To restart the media player hold in the on button until the light goes out and then
press same button again to restart.
• This process can take a few minutes before the screen comes back to life.


You need to change timings on the screen

• Use the remote control and point at the front of the screen
• Select the button with settings
• Scroll to the timer option
• Adjust the timings as required

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