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Stories of Our Success With Digital Pharmacy Screens For 2022

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Immersive, unique advertising experiences are gaining in popularity in the pharmaceutical industry. You can capture attention with a high-definition digital pharmacy screen in a world that is overrun with all kinds of advertisements. Digital screens have proven to be an essential medium for both indoor and outdoor marketing. Keep reading to find out how digital pharmacy screens can bring success to your pharmacy.

Screens that display digital advertisements are becoming more and more widespread in urban centres worldwide. As a result, the technology has been welcomed, there is a voracious demand, and its development is not slowing down.

What is pharmaceutical digital marketing?

Pharmaceutical digital marketing utilises illuminated high definition screens to display your static or video-based advertisements. From static ads to websites and streaming media, you can create excellent installations for a variety of digital images. It is a versatile, portable, and highly effective way of marketing.

What are the benefits of advertising your pharmacy using digital pharmacy screens?

Now is the perfect time to incorporate digital advertising into your marketing strategy for your pharmacy or product. You can gain the following benefits by utilising digital screen advertising in your pharmacy:

  1. You can use it as part of an in-store advertisement campaign to increase product appeal.
  2. Your digital content can be displayed on high-quality outdoor LED screens and be seen by a wide audience if you use our digital pharmacy screens as your advertising solution. You can run your advertisements in front of your pharmacy depending on traffic speed, footfall, and frequency, possibly generating new inquiries, promoting a wider audience, and increasing your brand awareness.
  3. Digital advertising provides outstanding resolution and quality, enhancing the effectiveness of your pharmacy. Regular passersby will eventually recognise and trust pharmacies advertised in this way.
  4. Digital advertising may result in positive returns, which may lead to you spending less on paper-based advertising like posters, billboards, and printed ads. Additionally, there are no extra costs for reprinting a campaign if you need to amend it.
  5. By advertising on a screen, you can create completely synchronised digital campaigns that can be published and viewed across your pharmacy’s website, phones, apps, and TV. You can run all campaigns effectively from one location.

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More benefits of using digital pharmacy screens

  • You can make updates and edits to advertising in real-time, so you can continually refine your targeting. Using cloud computing and wireless technology you can make any changes you desire to your ads remotely through various advanced software portals.
  • Sensors and HD video cameras are used to record accurate audience response, viewing time, and interaction. This will enable some of the most advanced feedback, reporting, and analytics in the industry. You can then use this data to adapt digital content based on the demographics.
  • Using screen advertising in conjunction with social media, EPOS, QR codes, touchscreen technology, and more will help you produce targeted ads that have an immediate return on investment.
  • With an attention-grabbing and reactive advert in a prominent public place, you will be able to maximise your footfall. If you need to update your adverts, you won’t incur the expense of new recordings or print runs, as is the cost of printing and erecting paper-based billboards. Screen advertising systems have low ongoing costs, so your profits are all yours after you invest in the equipment and software.
  • Using the supplied CMS and software, you can easily set up your digital advertising on the pharmacy screens. All you need to do is invest in the appropriate hardware.

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Here is what people say about our digital pharmacy screens:

  • Cadbury Heath Pharmacy & Health Clinic (Bristol)

“Really pleased with the support and the turn around time. I ask in the morning and within 2 hours my latest advert is up. Brilliant- thank you.”

  • Medipharmacy (Maidstone)

“We have enjoyed a smooth and efficient working relationship with Healthpoint TV for the past 8 months and look forward to working together for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Melanie for all the help and great service.”

  • Blackheath Standard Pharmacy (London)

“We have had our Screen for +4 years at Blackheath Standard Pharmacy and it’s been one of the best and most helpful aids – Pre-Pandemic, during Pandemic and Post Pandemic – We don’t have to worry about posters cluttering our windows and making it look messy and unprofessional. Public health information is on our screen without us having to ask for it. During the Pandemic we were able to bespoke our message to our local population!

The team at HealthPoint TV are Quick, Efficient, Creative and Effective!

I would definitely recommend them!”

  • CuraPharm Chemist (Harrow, London)

“Absolutely amazing customer service, the content team are great at adjusting to your needs and work very fast to get content onto the TV. The TV looks stunning at the window and definitely has made a difference to our customer levels. Would highly recommend Healthpoint TV!”

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