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How to Grow your Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services

The secret to effective business promotion is going where your customers are. Previously focusing on more conventional channels, pharmacies are now discovering that digital marketing provides unprecedented targeting possibilities and expanded reach. Any marketing or advertising done through digital channels, including websites, mobile applications, search engines, and social media networks, is referred to as “digital marketing.” Keep reading to learn how to grow your private pharmacy services.

How do you grow your private pharmacy services?

Consider these pharmacy promotion strategies to increase your patient base:

1. Expand your service offering to include private services

You can engage your pharmacy in Pharmadoctor private services such as fit to fly testing, travel vaccinations, sexual health, weight management and many others. If it’s ear microsuction you’re looking for, why not get in touch with TympaHealth? You could even branch out into pain relief with Nurokor, or dermatology with Forever Mountain. These are some of the services you could be providing but are currently missing out on. They play an essential role in bringing your pharmacy closer to the community.

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2. Use Google My Business to promote your pharmacy 

Brick-and-mortar businesses can create a free online presence on Google My Business (GMB) to draw in local customers, which is crucial for local search engine optimisation (SEO).

3. Use social media to grow your private pharmacy services

Along with Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, Facebook is among the top ten most popular websites in the world. Therefore, setting up and keeping up an active social media account can aid in building a following and patient engagement.

Make use of your online presence by:

  • Opening accounts on the major social media sites to use your pharmacy name and point people to your website.
  • Participating on a platform or two where your customers are most likely to hang out.
  • Emphasising quality and reliability with frequent articles, practical health information, photos, and videos.
  • Reducing commercial content while still informing patients of future offers and events.

You can also opt to use professionals to promote your pharmacy. They are more familiar with the process and can make it more effective, and therefore successful.

4. Create Online Events

Organising a virtual event is a cheap method to increase your online audience, and options range from live videos and fitness workshops to informative webinars and professional conferences. You can market your pharmacy via virtual events by:

  • Informing patients about prevalent medical disorders and their remedies
  • Informing patients and health professionals about new and seasonal products
  • Collaborating and attending local events which connect you with nearby businesses

Additionally, since you can easily capture attendees’ emails when they register, they make it simple to create prospective leads for your business.

private pharmacy services

5. Cross-promote with other businesses

By forming alliances with nearby businesses and members of the community, you can spread the word about your pharmacy.

Mutual referral schemes and chances for trade agreements might be provided by other healthcare businesses and professionals. Collaboration with nearby small companies is another option. Distribute service announcements and product samples. You could propose to stock their merchandise in exchange.

6. Offer free health screenings

Free clinical services for elders and families can help draw patients in. They not only help you build relationships with the neighbourhood, but they also provide you with the chance to demonstrate the worth of your services and attract repeat customers.

Several examples of free screenings you might provide are:

  • Wellness exams
  • Full cholesterol panels
  • Checks for blood sugar and blood pressure

Additionally, health checks provide a springboard for offering other medical services, such as flu shots or senior vaccinations against diseases like shingles and pneumonia.

Consider starting a Facebook advertising campaign or posting a local event post to your Google My Business profile to aid in spreading the news.

How to grow private pharmacy services

7. Use digital pharmacy screens to grow your private pharmacy services

Digital screens allow you to make queuing for a prescription well worth the wait, regardless of whether you manage multiple pharmacies or work independently. Because you communicate effectively, you enhance the service you provide to your consumers. You may further educate your customers regarding your products and services by using digital screens. In other words, using digital screens will increase client satisfaction and improve the ambience in your pharmacy.



What is the biggest issue facing pharmacies?

Time. Determining which patients most require their assistance and spending quality time with them is a common task for pharmacists. They can accomplish this by reviewing every individual case to determine the illnesses that patients are suffering from, the medications they are taking, and taking into account their physical attributes and level of healthcare literacy. The pharmacists will then have some notion about each patient’s clinical status and be able to decide who would need primary care more than others. Pharmacy technicians can assist by gathering such information and providing a checklist to the pharmacists.

Making your marketing methods more effective and investing in equipment like pharmacy screens and automated prescription dispensers will free up more time for patient care.

How much can independent pharmacy owners make in the UK?

The typical English pharmacy owner earns an annual turnover of anywhere up to £940k and runs their business from 9 am to 6 pm, five days a week. This can increase for pharmacies operating 365 days a year, 24/7.

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